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Archive for September 2016

Microscopes in Dentistry

The use of microscopes in dentistry is becoming more fashionable and financially viable these days. One  advantage of using a microscope is that it forces the user to sit in an upright and healthier postion. Yet another advantage is to force the team to work in a dynamic four handed way as the operator is…

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Aspiration Technique

Aspiration Technique http://www.dynamicdentistry.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Ant.jpg The first thing to remember is that we are not only looking to remove water and debris from the mouth but also to retract and protect the soft tissues using a 3 in 1 syringe or, if you haven’t got, one a reversed mirror head. Perhaps the most important thing to say…

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9 Rules of Correct Posture

9 Rules of Correct Posture Put both lower legs perpendicular to the ground Put both feet flat on the ground Both legs have a slight spread position Bring angles between the upper and lower legs to 105 to 110 (degrees) Bring back support in position to upper part of pelvis Sit up straight, push your…

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The inner game of dentistry

We have a theory that all our bad habits in practising dentistry come from either dental school, where we rarely work with a qualified nurse, or from our first job where we have to accept the surgery design and working practices already in place and have no control. Just think about it. By definition, if…

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Many multi centre worldwide studies show that over 65% of Dental Health Care workers suffer from Musculo Skeletal Disorders sometime in their working careers, causing pain and discomfort whilst working, time off from the surgery and indeed many have to retire early. The European Society of Dental Ergonomics has tried to address the issue but…

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You are sitting on a time bomb

Positioning yourself correctly when operating on a patient is more important than you think. Martyn Amsel highlights the consequences of a bad posture The problem all starts at dental school where students often don’t work with a trained nurse and the equipment is standardised in its layout in the clinic. This in turn leads to…

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